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How long do you take to design a logo or website?

Whether its logo or website design or any app development project, we would send you the first draft of the project in 2-3 business days. Meanwhile, you can contact us for any rare case of delay. After completing the first phase of your project, we’ll wait for your feedback, and if you agree with the draft idea, we’ll proceed further. For that purpose, you must tell us everything that you like or dislike about the design. You can also provide us your idea you would like to implement on your website or logo design. You can submit all these details through the client’s portal on the contact us page. After receiving your feedback will proceed to the final phase of the project. Although most clients get satisfied in the initial stage, we’ll take a short time to get them done if you need any further amendments.

What if the idea is not according to my expectation?

Although there are very few chances of such scenarios, we initially present our sample for various projects to get an idea from the client. However, if the client is not satisfied with our concept, we’ll work on it further until the client is 100% satisfied. For that purpose, you can collaborate with us to inspect every step of your project.

Are there any additional charges for any extension in the designs or development?

We don’t believe in any additional charges for extensive designs or functions in developing a project. All factors are included in the deal you would agree for your project. So, it doesn’t matter how much the size of your project. Once the project deal is complete, there is no chance of any extra charges.

What about the privacy of my project?

Libatech is a trustable company, and we are committed to maintaining your trust and confidence in us. Our privacy policy and terms & conditions include all the factors that ensure your information and project’s security. Your personal information, including your name, email address, or phone number, is confidential according to our policy. The information about you and your project is stored in a secure database, which is only accessible by the designated staff. Your information will be used only for specific matters like replying to your request or to deal with any complaint.

What about the copyrights of my graphics after designing?

Once the graphic designing process is completed and satisfied with the final design, the graphic is all yours. Now, you own the copyright of that visual entirely and can register it to your brand’s name through the registrar office. Meanwhile, we can also place the registered mark on your graphic if you want. Besides this, we can also help you with the registration of your graphic.

What if I have an idea for my project, and I want to get it done by you?

If you have an idea, then it’s great. However, we provide various ideas for our clients’ projects, whether it is graphic or web designing, app development, animation, and web content. Wherever our clients want their project based on their own ideas, we always welcome them. So, if you have a template design for your logo or website, you can send it to us by logging in to our client’s portal. Although in some cases, there are some ideas in the mind of the client, then you can discuss it with our professionals. They would understand your concept and work according to tit. You will also have any further suggestions from our experts if needed.

How will my website rank higher on Google? Will it be SEO-friendly?

Libatech doesn’t only provide web development services but also provides a package to make your site SEO-friendly. Without SEO, your website can’t rank on Google, and as a result, you can’t have the visitors on your site. That’s why your website or application must be optimized. We provide various solutions with our web content services that make your site optimized and rank higher on Google. We’ll deliver your quality on-page content with proper keyword research and off-page to fulfill SEO criteria. You can also have our optimized blogging services for your site to gain the visitors. Besides this, we also provide our content analysis to check whether your site is optimized or not. After this process, we can provide your further solution according to the SEO requirements for your site.

What if I need help regarding my project?

Our 24/7 support is available on just a call, or you can contact through email for any trouble regarding your project. We have a dedicated and professional supporting team that we’ll answer for all your queries. Whether your project is in process or completed, if you need any assistance with its working process or need any update in the final project, we are always available. Libatch highly values its customers’ satisfaction.

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