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B2B & B2C Portal Development

The technology world is progressing at a fast pace, and it gives something new to the users every day. Besides the relation of a brand with its customers, its relationship and communication with other businesses are of utmost importance. B2b and b2c portals work on such aspects that help create a healthy relationship between the two.

What are B2b and B2c?

B2b refers to Business to Business, and b2c represents the business to consumer communication. Business to the business portal is usually based on the supply chain and involves vendors and distributors. On the other hand, b2c portals enhance the organization's functionality by interacting and selling directly to the customers.

B2b portal

B2b portals are platforms for businesses to communicate and operate functions of the business. The primary purpose of the b2b portal is to provide a platform to businesses worldwide for secure selling.

B2c portal

B2c portal enables the businesses to interact directly with the consumer and sell their product. B2c consumers allow both online and offline communication to the consumers and brands.

B2b vs. B2c

Usually, a b2c portal has more engagement as brands target customers. Millions of customers might use an app at the same time. Whereas, the number of users of the b2b portal is comparatively less as you focus on other businesspeople.

B2b vs. b2c portals acquire their target audience differently. While b2c portals are readily available on the App Store and Play Store, you might get to know about the b2c portal through a business journal or another business owner.

Both applications have a different business model. Mostly the b2c apps are free of cost, but the b2b portal charges a subscription fee.


B2b and b2c have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Yet some common benefits of the unified portals are:

  • They make marketing easy
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Unified b2b and b2c portals cost less
  • Enhances communication with other businesspeople

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