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IOS APP Development

With over 1.5 billion active devices, iOS is the most popular smartphone software globally. Applications on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and others are developed on iOS.

The iOS (iPhone Operating System) is the basis of all the application systems in an Apple Inc. device. All the applications in an iPhone and iPad are available on the App Store for downloading. iOS software is different from the Android system with its specific features.

Programming Languages

The programming languages for iOS app development are not the same as Android systems. Objective-C was the previously used language to develop iOS programs. The new official language of iOS development companies in Swift. Swift has many similarities with Objective-C, but with improved security and simpler syntax.

iOS Development on Windows

iOS development on windows might not seem to be the most profitable way of developing iOS application software due to Xcode's need. Xcode is essential to create an iOS application, but it is only compatible with Mac OS. It is challenging to develop an iOS program on Windows, but not impossible. Some iOS development companies develop applications on Windows using these methods.

Install Mac OS on your Windows PC

As Apple Inc. does not provide a license to others, you can download the program through VirtualBox.

Rent a Mac

Another method can be leasing a Mac on the cloud. But, it is considerably expensive, and iOS development companies prefer renting a Mac instead of buying.

Use cross-platform tools

A cross-platform tool can help cut your cost in half by exporting the coded program to iOS or Android at your convenience.

Build your own Hackintosh

It is a tough task, but you can get access to Xcode. You can do this by installing OS X as a bootable OS to your PC.

Benefits of iOS App Development

  • iOS apps are more secure than Android
  • iOS offers better revenue
  • Development of iOS apps costs less
  • iOS applications are more high-quality than Android apps.

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